Our Values

We hold the following values as core to our business and personal success:

  • Integrity – Do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.
  • Customer Focus – Provide service that keeps them coming back.
  • Accountability – No excuses and only promise what we can deliver.
  • Teamwork – First things first collaborate for our common good.
  • Trust – in character and competence.
  • Simplify – Keep things simple and let common sense prevail.


Our Vision and Philosophy

Success in today’s intensely competitive and rapidly changing business climate depends on careful planning and timely execution for operational effectiveness. The TEAMS Group, LLC is a progressive management consulting firm, destined to be a leader in its field. Each prospective new project calls for

extensive information gathering, careful attention to detail, and experienced personnel, to insure we customize the solution to the particular client requirements. The same rules must also apply to those organizations seeking our services.
Organizations, both private and public, typically cannot withstand frequent changes and adaptations and function efficiently. At some point, every organization must look for a better solution. Having the resources available will not guarantee success in these endeavors. Rapid, effective and timely deployment of mission critical resources is the key to business success. The TEAMS Group is dedicated to assisting organizations in deploying their mission critical resources.

The most valid information about management development is evolutionary. The tactics that were effective decades ago are now obsolete. This is not new in the workplace, as we develop new technologies, not only to work, but to communicate with. Many organizations are at the mercy of change. The TEAMS Group can assist organizations in dealing with these changes, as well as prepare them for the next millennium.